Counter Odometer Poetry by Arlene
Poetry by Arlene
Delicious Dance

Our dance…
Tangos with temptation
Salsas with stars of sins
Waltzes with both
the divine and demons
Swings with the sinister
Trots with the temptress
Hip hops with the heavenly host
Funks with the fallen
Breaks with the beast
And rumbas with all UN reality
Twists with time untold
Telling tales
That shouldn’t leave the tongue
Demonically delicious
…Our dance.

Copy written by Arlene L. Perez on September 6, 2014


My head humbled
In downcast fashion
Tears tread down my face
Racing to the finish line
Terminated. ..
By your treacherous tongue
Tackling me in my tracks
My past dances before me
Promising damnation

Copy written by Arlene L. Perez on August 16, 2014

A Living Laugh

Do I laugh at life?
Or does life
laugh at me?

Written by Arlene L. Perez on March 30, 2014

Self Dominion

I’m at war with myself
Struggling to win
Waging viscous battles
Deep within
One part win
One part loss
Blood drips from my hands
I lost the toss
My fate hangs in the balance
I’m my own enemy
My horrendous, fantastic foe
The champion of my destiny
I take up my sword
Slaying myself
Burying my dead body
Rising as Victor of self!

Copy written by Arlene L. Perez on March 19, 2014

Chivalry Never Lived

The slaying of mythical dragons
By a Knight in shining armour
Who saves his damsel in distress
Gone by days of yesterday
Romantic tales told to titillate
Deceiving lies of dominating roles
Meant to keep women in their place
Break boldly free from this pestilence
And slay your own damn dragons!

Copy Written by Arlene L. Perez on March 19, 2014

Polar Extremes

Opposing powers
Hot and cold
High and low
Tall and short
Large and small
Good and evil
Up and down
Negative and positive
Hard and soft
Black and white
East and West
North and a South
Polar extremes
Nothing in between

Crisis of Faith

Dead on
In the midst
Of my tracks
At a crossroads
Questions plaguing me
With no real answers
Or at least
Any acceptable ones
Any appropriate ones.
Blindly believing
In that which
You cannot see
Capable of
Moving mountains
Healing the sick
Raising the dead
Walking on water
And turning it into wine
The substance of things
hoped for
Yet not seen
I hoped for a million dollars
But my guess is
I’ll never see it.
Some evangelicals
Live in mansions
Fly in their private jet planes
Living off my 10%
While their sheep
Scrounge for money
Just to make ends meet
Their shepherd drives a Cadillac
Rarely giving any back
Preaching to their congregation
About the Almighty tithe
“God will bless your 10%”
As our shepherd
Parades it around our town
Claiming God’s blessings
Because he is a man of Faith
What makes him
More worthy than
You or I?

A Child’s Game

I live my life
In the shadows
Your staircase
Lurking in the darkness
Peeking in
On you
from time to time
If you ever notice me?
Do you ever catch glimpses
Of my eyes peering at you
Stabbing you with words?
Are we acting as if
We are playing
A child’s game
Is it?
Am I?
Stranded forever
To live in the shadows
Beneath your stairs?
Or rather lurk?
Because honestly
We both know
Isn’t living
It’s not living at all.

Written by Arlene L. Perez on February 22, 2014

Hey Fellow Poets! Silly Odes Time!


Come one
Come all
Let’s have some fun!
I invite all Tumbler poets
To join me in creating
Silly Odes!
Submit your Odes to #sillyodes

I sent in one.
Now, it’s your turn.

Ode to My Heating Pad

Oh my faithful friend
My lover in the deep, dark night
You are my warmth
My hearth
And my home
My muscles whimper at your touch
Waiting for release
from this painful place
My muscles welcome
Your inflamed embrace
You are my fibro’s friend
My RA’s release
At least,
whilst you lay beneath me.
Once you’re gone
My pain quickly returns
So. ..
Stay the night
Beneath my body
Holding me in your hot embrace.

Written by Arlene L. Perez on February 22, 2014

Willow Dance

Whispering willows
Gracefully singing my name
Dancing in the wind.

Written by Arlene L. Perez on February 19, 2014

Freedom’s Fight

Never truly understood
We’ve been enslaved
Never truly appreciated
We’ve been in chains
Never truly earned
We’ve fought to be free!

Copy Written by Arlene L. Perez on February 19, 2014

Alliterative Adjectives for Her

A delicate doll
A fragile flower
A bubbly bell
A joyful journey
A constant companion
A fun-loving friend
A beautiful beast
A mindful memory
A strong sunshine
A busy beaver
A fearless follower
A loving leader
A courageous caregiver
A giggling gal
A silly sorrow
A thunderous thunderstorm
A crazy conundrum
A broken bone
A vulnerable vessel
A zany zest
She… everything, yet more!

Copy Written by Arlene L. Perez on February 19, 2014